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Discover the VideoMeister app to cast any video file from your Mac onto your Smart TV. Stop using annoying external hardware and say good-bye to unsupported video files. Try it now!

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Drone Videos

Enjoy Drone Footage On Your Smart TV Faster And Easier


Relish Memories On Your Smart TV

Relish Memories On Your TV

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Old Camera Videos

Play Age-Old Videos On Your TV

Smart TV Video Player App

Play all your video files wirelessly on your Smart TV in record time. VideoMeister supports all popular TV brands (Samsung, LG, Sony, Hisense, Sharp, Panasonic, etc).

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

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VideoMeister is a video player app for all Mac computers that plays any video on Smart TV’s. After downloading & installing the app from the App Store, it will firstly detect your Smart TV and afterwards you can start selecting your videos.

Enjoy downloaded films and series with VideoMeister. You can also use it to easily play videos shot with your drone. Or use it to enjoy (old) party videos. All wirelessly!

You can try the app today! Pay-zero and discover the app for 5 minutes. Within this time-frame you can use all functionalities and enjoy its advantages. After the trial you are not committed to anything. You can just try it without any risk.


If you would like to continue using VideoMeister after the trial period, you can purchase it immediately. Choose a monthly subscription for 4,99 or an annual subscription for 12,99. Or, buy the app at once for 22,99 and get a bargain.

Yes, it can. Our app converts any video file into the right format, making it easy for you to enjoy your videos on the big screen.

Download the app here. Get it now!

VideoMeister supports all TV brands such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Roku TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, Android TV, etc.

A MacOS – operating system from Apple -, a Smart TV and WiFi are required to use the VideoMeister App. Your Smart TV has to be connected to the same local network as your Mac device.

With our video player you no longer need external hardware to connect your Mac to your Smart TV. The app makes it easier, faster and more comfortable to enjoy great videos on big screens. VideoMeister prevents unsupported files messages, so you can really play ALL types of videos.


From now on it’s no longer necessary to connect your Mac to your Smart TV with ugly and unsafe cables. Also, you no longer have to use easy-to-lose USB’s or clunky hard drives. Read all benefits.


Discover VideoMeister app and wirelessly enjoy your videos on any Smart TV in record time.

We support all payment methods that Apple is offering within the App Store.

These brands require a receiver app which can be downloaded for free in the App Store. In addition your MacOs must be connected to your Smart TV on the same local network.

No, this is currently not possible. The good news is that VideoMeister is working hard to get this feature. With the next update it will be possible to add and play subtitles too. In the meantime you can already try the app today.

There are 3 solutions:

  1. Your Smart TV does not recognise the video file. Please check the manual. In it, you can find a chapter called Technical Specifications. Here you can see whether your video format is supported by your Smart TV.
  2. Your video file is an unreadable file and needs to be converted. You can convert any video file with this free video transcoder tool:  Visit the site and convert your video file to MP4 H.264 with a frame-rate of <30 fps.
  3. After trying the above solutions, the video file still won’t play. Let us solve your problem. Visit Add your video file to WeTransfer. Share your Smart TV brand and model in the message section. Send it to us by using the following email: support(at) .

Within 48 hours we’ll let you know what caused the problem and how it can be solved.

This 1 minute video shows how to play MP4 files on your Smart TV.

No, currently this app is exclusively made for MacOS.

VideoMeister is the best video player for Mac because it plays any video format easily and wirelessly onto your Smart TV. Avoid ugly HDMI cables, get rid of easy-to-lose USBs and say good-bye to additional hardware. Discover the Videomeister app today and enjoy any type of video in record time.

Yes! VideoMeister’s app plays AVI files. All other formats and codecs are supported too!

Get the VideoMeister app by clicking the download buttons on this website. Or, open your the App Store on your Mac computer, search for VideoMeister and download the app now!

Our media player has been developed with an important goal in mind: Ensuring that your video footage looks as good as possible in the highest quality, in the easiest possible way.


Try VideoMeister and discover the revolutionary media player that guarantees the best quality.

Yes! Enjoy the video player without ads when purchasing a monthly or annual subscription. It automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

Just drag & drop your 4K videos into the VideoMeister app. It will play automatically play on your Smart TV when your Mac is connected to your TV. If your Smart TV is not 4K, please resort to 1080p or 720p.

No, currently VideoMeister does not offer speed control.

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